Opt-In Lead Generation

A set of simple tools to start generating more leads from all your traffic sources with smart audience targeting


Serves Ads in All Channels

Zupees can serve ads in a webpage, email and a registration form; by integrating with 3rd party ad services like DFP and ESPs like mailchimp, you can drive traffic in unique ways.

Unique Targeting Options

Use the targeting options by geography (even geofencing), device, content & user data (including their browsing history) to target ads with laser-sharp accuracy.

Custom Lead Forms

Zupees comes pre-configured for several default lead capture forms such as in-line with registration, post-reg with enhanced data, on-demand, interstitial & click to opt-in. It also has suport for customized formats like integration with leadpages, instapage and clickfunnels..

A/B Testing at creative level

Test multiple creative formats including template level customization in real time. You can choose custom percentage of impressions for control group and Zupees will automatically optimize for eRPMs

Mobile Optimized

Zupees is built for mobile-first environment. Every form template & creative style is tested on mobile & tablet for conformity before porting over to the desktop envrionment.

Retargeting based on Facebook pixel

Build unique audience profiles based on engagement with your website, email & app. Target each profile through their journey based on facebook pixel integration with Zupees


Users type their information only once.

Zupees stores user data in an encrypted cookie to reduce form fields for all creative styles. Users submit their information only once and Zupees can track them across their journey in the current and all future sessions within the network..

Extract the maximum value out of an ad impression.

Optimize your campaigns by gross revenue, available budget or effective CPMs for each placement OR Let our self-learning algorithm take over and make adjustments if you like to tweak things by hand.

An impression saved is an impression earned

Zupees removes an ad from serving for a "lead already exists" response from an advertiser's database. It sends a small pre-ping request to the advertiser in real time before serving the ad and verifies the response against its own data.

Real Time Optimization for "very high" engagement

As the users are engaging with your content, including filling out forms, Zupees is programmed to send this information back to our analytics servers in real time and optimize the next set of ads & content links based on our proprietary algorithm.

Don't let a lead run cold

Run your ads only when your business is open. Zupees allows you to set up hourly schedules for distribution of your ads. You can select multiple windows in any day and multiple days in any week for including or excluding your ads from serving.


Real time data cleansing & validation

As the system collects user data, it connects in real time with your choice of 3rd party lead verification service to cleanse physical addresses, match address to phones, validate email addresses. Zupees can also append additional data points if required.

Explicit Consent & Privacy Compliance

Zupees is fully compliant with TrustedForm certification system to help you record explicit consent from every single lead. This implies that you can record explicit consent of privacy policy, acceptable data use policy and DNC registry override disclaimer.

No bad leads shall pass through

Custom SPAM & Negative Keyword filters pre-configured to block words (like booyah, shit, [email protected] and so on). You you have total control over your spam library and can enter as many (or as little) words to include in the spam dictionary. The data matching this criteria is visible separately to oversee filtered results and adjust accordingly.

Email them before you start emailing them

Make sure you are acuqiring valid emails with a email-to-opt-out method. An auto-responder email is sent before posting the lead to the advertiser, and only successful deliveries & not-opted-out leads are posted to their database.

Submit leads in any format

For custom applications, our support team provides integration and delivery services in all major formats, such as http get/post, ftp/sftp, API, batch delivery via email, and any other custom format supported by your business applications.

Contact a prospect as soon as they sign up

Zupees has built in support for all major ESPs (30+ at the last count), CRM systems such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft and marketing automation platforms like HugSpot & Marketo. With a few clicks, set up your leads to be delivered to any platform of your choice.


Exhaustive Real time reporting at impression level

Built on a model similar to an industrial strength ad-server, advanced reporting in Zupees is like no other framework. Generate exhaustive report, down to an impression level, to optimize performance for your campaigns.

Download, Save & Schedule Reporting on Emails

Our advanced reporting framework allows you to save frequently accessed reports. You can also email them to yourself, your clients, or set up schedulers for client specific reports to be emailed automatically.

Automated Monthly Billing Reports

Choose from semi or full automation of monthly invoicing with Zupees Dashboard. The system sends billing reconciliation emails & generates final invoices automatically. It even posts data to your favorite accounting software, no hassles for downloading CSV files to manually upload in Quickbooks

Smart Insights Powered by Big Data Analytics

Our team of expert account managers provide detailed insights on your campaigns, based on our twenty plus years of experience with campaign optimization and analytics. We use the power of big data to run analytics and make suggestions to improve ROI.

IO to Invoicing Automation

Zupees is a comprehensive ad-stack and covers an advertising transaction from IO to Invoicing. System is pre-programmed to record insertion orders for multiple pricing formats like cost per impression, clicks, leads & sale.

Better media planning by targeting on Audience Data

Every ad impression is meticulously tracked and mapped with all available first party and third party data to continuously build and refine data profiles of ad-units, flights & campaigns. This creates a visual representation of user persona for each entity to improve targeting on a continuous basis.


Ad Units & Campaign Management Controls

Manage campaigns, locations, targeting, optimization & real time data views from a single dashboard. View performance, data cards & edit master data based on custom access controls.

Custom Tags & Analytics Embedded by Default

Connect 3rd party tag managers and track events in any platform of your choice. With up to five custom variables with each impression, you can easily manage source attribution, pass and retrieve custom parameters from your marketing campaigns to CRM and vice versa

Ad Ops and Sales & Account Manager Dashboards

Functional Features for each member of your team separate reporting & management dashboards

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